Skating in Barcelona?

Barcelona? Sound great, traveling always is, no? Our crew had the opportunity to hit the concrete with a clear blue sky. Luckey bastards 😉

Prep’s for a city trip? Well for us that’s looking for the best skateparks, coolest skate/surfshops and of course the nicest places to grab some veggie food! Flights booked, house check(a very nice one by the way!), time to get that TODO list ready.

Let’s start with the appartment. Located near the centre of Terrassa, ok it is not the centre of Barcelona, but hey it is the centre of all the clubs of that other sport we love so much, hockey. I guess you know by now that in our family everything runs around sports. Booked with our friends of AirBnB, we found this great spacious house, 20mins from Barcelona, really something i would recommend! Just check it out!  And if we talk hockey “a must do” in Terrassa is ThunderHockey,  hockeybrand of our dear friend Joan Gali.

The list; well we did a few parks, let’s say one a day, 5 days in a row;-) And there is one place, OMG it had it all! The skatepark-the shop-the food- the vibes-… A CaliforniaSkatepark next to the sea with la Cantina, blue sky, palm trees. Man it made our day! The vibes where so chill i could have stayed there all week, so guys if you’re planning a trip to Barça?  Skate Agora in Badalona is where you should be for skating and chilling. Big plus, la Cantina has a nice terrace on the skatepark, the staff was really really nice an they serve great food. We started with a nice apéro with some olives and sardines and had a delicious veggie burger with lots lots of vegetables(not always that easy in the South of Europe) Another great thing, the park wasn’t that crowded and the german group who was making skate movies was as chill as we were.

So in short; skating in Barcelona? Think Badalona!

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