Wanted Sporty Spice & Mister Sports!

Our favorite Belgian sport club, RAPID hockey club Temse, is looking for the next sporty spice & mister sports 😉 Why field hockey? Well this why we love it and are a proud sponsor off the green & white!

Socialization and friendship

The first and most important reason many athletes join team sports is to socialize. There are players who join field hockey to make new friends and to spend time alongside of their current friends from school.

Learning new things

Field hockey is an extremely difficult sport. It takes a lot of repetition and focus during practice and game situations. There are such a large number of field hockey athletes that love to be continuously challenged, mentally and physically and who are extremely eager to learn something new each practice. These players also seem to carry these characteristics over into their every day life.

Team spirit

There’s just something special about sharing your passion with a large group of people. It’s a blast to compete with some of your best friends and celebrate victories together as a group. From big wins to tough losses, the players say they love belonging to and experiencing things as a team.

We are family

You have the team and than you have the family, the club. You would be amazed what a common passion, intrest does with youngsters. The feeling to be part of a bigger something, accented by a uniform, same colours, it stays something very special for us human beings.

Making memories

The memories that the players have made with one another will bind them forever. The memories of playing field hockey will truly never be forgotten.

Wanna be part of the green&white family? Just click your way to a new passion.